Rehearsal Space

The Jesters Rehearsal room is configured with a drum riser, guitar amps setup on either side, keyboard stand and vocalist down stage for use in normal performance mode or all-facing for rehearsals.


5 piece pdp kit

  • The drums sound fine for rehearsal.
  • Drummers – suggest you bring your own cymbals as mine are the cheapest money can buy and everyone that comes over swaps them for their own.
  • Three stands: High Hat, Ride & Crash
  • Bass pedal is from the cheap end of the catalog – a few drummers that like to really push the bass have opted to use their own (although this is probably overkill for what the Jesters are playing)
  • Bucket-o-sticks, mostly discards that folks have left behind – you should probably bring what you are comfortable with though 🙂

PA / Mixer

Behringer XR-12 with Tablet

House Speakers

Stage Monitors

Mics / Stands

Music Stands

Guitar / Bass Amps



Power Outlets ‘a-plenty’

Beer Fridge – Please keep it stocked!   🙂